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Technology Training, Education & Support

Welcome to Teqare

We provide technology training, education, and support from the comfort of your own home.

OUr mission

Teqare strives to provide superior, personalized service, leaving every client feeling more confident through a better understanding of their technology. We believe that everyone deserves the ability to connect with those we love and should never feel embarrassed or burdensome with seeking support in wireless training. 

Client with customer

Services We Offer

Device set-up and training services:

  • Setting up your new wireless device

  • Navigating the various features of your device and determining what is useful to you

  • Connecting your wireless device to other technology in your home

  • Information transfer guidance (photos, contacts, calendar details – everything that is important to you!)

  • Cloud back-up and retrieval (so that you don’t lose anything!)

  • Password set-up and reset

  • Device troubleshooting

  • Computer set-up and operation for beginners

  • Computer Virus removal

  • Scam prevention

…And more. We specialize in everything and anything technology and will have an answer to all of your tech questions.


Group Education & Training

  • All of the above services in group-based training workshops (we come to you!)


Accessibility Training

Accessibility is an ongoing struggle for many Canadians living with disabilities and impairments. Did you know that there are applications built into your wireless devices that can help bring a new level of freedom and independence into your life?


Teqare offers programming designed specifically to assist and coach our clients with visual and hearing impairments to access their devices with more ease and confidence, providing an enhanced level of independence and confidence.


Teqare offers one-on-one sessions in which you will learn how to use your wireless device to its maximum potential, with many personalized accessibility options based on your unique needs and circumstances.


100-300 Alpine Way, Headingley, Manitoba, Canada

(204) 399-2294

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