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Owner with wife


Hello, my name is Darion. I live in Vancouver, BC with my wife. We enjoy the outdoors, exercising, and dreaming big. I want to see a world where technology is easily understood, and used for the improvement of humanity.

My Story

Teqare founder, Darion Ducharme, has over 10 years of experience in the technology industry. Throughout his tenure in various sales and management roles, Darion noticed the same problems time and time again. Many people were slipping through the cracks regarding the initial set-up and use of their new wireless devices. With technology advancing faster than ever, the major communications companies across the country were not prioritizing their time and resources in providing ongoing support past the point of sale. Teqare was founded with the intention to meet this growing need.


Teqare provides 24/7 technology training, education, and support, all within the comfort of your home and tailored to your busy schedule. Our priority is to provide unrivaled value to every client and ensure they leave each session with the skills needed to feel comfortable using their wireless devices.


I'm always looking to help. Let's chat.


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